Welcome to Roots of Wellness Ayurveda


The office of Roots of Wellness Ayurveda is now closed.

We continue to offer virtual support to our clients and community. If you have questions about your health, need holistic support, or would like to request a referral, please contact us at info@rootsofwellnessayurveda.com or call 720-506-5659.

Heather is practicing daily mantra japa and working for the health of the planet and its people: mind, body and spirit.

Watch this space.


Welcome to Roots of Wellness Ayurveda in Boulder Colorado. We harness the power of natural medicine, herbs, plants, oils and food. Experience new energy, profound insight, higher states of happiness and consciousness, and restful sleep with Ayurveda.

At Roots of Wellness Ayurveda we make a big statement: nature is powerful, and we practice powerful natural medicine.

We recognize that Ayurveda may be unfamiliar and foreign to you.  We welcome you to learn more about Ayurveda and how it connects to the world we live in.

As an Ayurvedic Doctor, Heather is committed to advancing the practice of Ayurveda with deep respect for other healing modalities aligned with cutting edge scientific research. Heather invites you to connect, so she can share her deep knowledge, making it relevant to the experiences and lifestyles we embody today. She invites you to learn more about her.

Dive in, learn more about yourself, and connect to your own healing wisdom.  Be sure to contact us if you have questions or comments.  We’re glad you’ve found us.

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