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IMPORTANT BILLING UPDATE! Payment is due at the time of your appointment, by cash/check, PayPal or Venmo. Due to high fees, I no longer accept credit cards. Thank you for your understanding.

NEW OFFICE! Appointments are available Wednesdays and Thursdays, Friday evenings and Saturday mornings, in Boulder. If you have an appointment, plan to arrive to 2439 Broadway Street, the home of Duggan Chiropractic. Parking is to the rear of the building, via the alley to the west and parallel to Broadway St between Portland Place and Maxwell Avenue. Park in the parking lot marked “Patient Parking for Duggan Chiropractic.” If you have trouble finding me, text or call 720-506-5659.


Welcome to Roots of Wellness Ayurveda in Boulder Colorado. We harness the power of natural medicine, herbs, plants, oils and food. Experience new energy, profound insight, higher states of happiness and consciousness, and restful sleep with Ayurveda.

My name is Heather Baines, and I walk the talk. Nature is powerful, and I practice powerful natural medicine.

Partnered with Lalita Soma Ayurveda in Boulder, CO and Soma Mountain Rejuvenation in Longmont, CO, I support our Front Range community with Ayurvedic health care, health coaching, patient advocacy, and Core Synchronism and Marma treatments.

If you are on the path to radical renewal and holistic health, seeking the depth of Ayurvedic wisdom, and the gentle but powerful support of Core Synchronism and Marma therapy, please contact me at info@rootsofwellnessayurveda.com, call 720-506-5659 or, better yet, text me!

Ayurveda may be unfamiliar or even foreign to you.  I welcome you to learn more about Ayurveda and how it informs the world we live in.

As an Ayurvedist and Core Synchronism therapist, I am committed to advancing the practice of Ayurveda with deep respect for other healing modalities aligned with cutting edge scientific research. I invite you to connect with me, so I can share this deep knowledge, making it relevant to the experiences and lifestyles we embody today. I invite you to learn more about me.

Dive in with me to learn who and why you ARE – and open to your own body’s inherent healing wisdom.

Contact me to receive the SUPPORT you came here for – and start feeling better today.