Core Synchronism

Core Synchronism is a gentle and powerful hands-on treatment, founded by Dr. Robert Stevens of the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics, to bring the physical body, mental-emotional body, and etheric body into alignment. Alignment and balance in the body impart a state of health. By palpating the Core Current, which is responsible for the gentle wavelike patterns of Cerebral Spinal Fluid flowing rhythmically through connective tissue wrapping all physical structures of the body, I work through my hands to give your body access to information for self-healing, regeneration and reorganization. Consciously working to integrate the Core Current in the Sushumna channel through the 72,000 nadis or energy currents in the anatomy of yoga, that enliven the body, from the crown of your head through the root chakra, Divine Wisdom, Light, and Sound Energy fill your body, leaving you profoundly relaxed, aligned, and free of pain.

Only God and Nature heals.

– Dr. Randolf Stone
Core Synchronism NMSNT
Core Synchronism model of the human

How does is it work?

In the Core Synchronism model, we are comprised of the mental/emotional, etheric and physical bodies and animated by the core current.

I palpate the core current on the crown of the head, and throughout the body. The current is responsible for the movement of cerebral spinal fluid out of the brain.

Pain is the result of a body part (mental/emotional, etheric, physical) being out of synch with the core current and cerebral spinal fluid. Motion which is out of harmony with the core current causes friction, produces inflammation, and results in pain or discomfort.

By re-establishing synchronistic balance with the core current, cerebral spinal fluid and the body, through palpation and focused intent, harmony is restored. This breaks the pain-discomfort cycle.

What conditions does Core Synchronism treat?

Core Synchronism is not pathology specific. It is a mechanical system designed to restore harmony to the organism. Establishing balance results in activating your self-healing ability.

Core Synchronism is deeply relaxing, safe, and gentle. There are no contraindications for treatment.

My clients tell me they have experienced relief from:

  • Neck/shoulder/back pain
  • Knee injury
  • Insomnia
  • Pain resulting from past accidents and physical trauma
  • Anxiety and depression, restoring the ability for self-care and improved psycho-spiritual outlook
  • Tension headaches
  • Emotional trauma
  • Heart palpitations, tachycardia
  • And many other symptoms

How do I view healing?

When you receive treatment, you are responsible for your own healing, which is accomplished by free flow of your life energy, prana shakti (the Core Current). I am nothing more than a Core Current fluid mechanic, supporting you to re-establish balanced body motions and synchrony in your body. It is in the deep state of relaxation on the table as I work where healing ultimately takes place.

Core Synchronism and Ayurveda?

All of creation is a play of elemental energy. The five great elements are ether (space, air (wind), fire, water and earth… all is energy.

– Dr. Robert Stevens, founder of Core Synchronism

As both systems are based in the fundamental principles of how energy flows through the human body and how disruptions to the flow of energy create disorganized movement patterns that result in pain and disease processes, Core Synchronism is a perfect complementary therapy to Ayurveda. When I am working with you I may read your pulses, examine your tongue, observe your overall health and mental states, and after a Core session, offer additional herbal remedies from the Ayurved pharmacopeia, and give diet, daily or seasonal practices, and other hygiene and self-care recommendations. I may recommend specific meditation and pranayama techniques to accelerate your healing at home. What you do, what you choose to accept, the advice you heed, is up to you. Take what you need. Leave the rest.

What is a Core session like?

When you arrive for a Core session, I will ask you to lie on a massage table, fully clothed. You’ll have the option to use pillows or bolsters under your head or legs for comfort. You may request to be draped with blankets for warmth. I may use a BioMat with its myriad benefits to accelerate your healing.

A typical Core session lasts between 60-90 minutes. We may work using sound healing therapy in combination with gentle touch, or in silence, depending on your preference and what I feel is needed.

What my clients say!

”Wowowow, woman, that was incredible. You were made for this.”


”I feel deeply relaxed. I didn’t realize how much tension I was holding in my head. I think a series of treatments will be very important.”


“The moment you put your hands on me, I could feel the healing stream.”


”I can’t believe how much my body shifted in one session. I could feel it adjusting itself as you worked.”


”My neck feels incredible. The pain is gone.”


– Clients who have received Core Synchronism treatment from Heather