Introducing Akacia Rose, Associate Practitioner

She’s back from international travels and ready to accept new clients!

Introducing warrior goddess Akacia RoseĀ Pulaski to the Roots of Wellness family of Ayurveda practitioners.

Talented hang drum musician, gifted healer, and brilliant Ayurvedic practitioner, Akacia will support you as you shift what needs shifting in support of your most vibrant self!

“The term acacia stems from a Greek word meaning innocence or freedom from sin and refers to a genus of trees and shrubs that flourish in and around certain regions of Australia, Africa, North and South America, Asia, and even Europe. In addition to its role as a sacramental incense, many species of acacia contain in the inner bark of their roots high concentrations of the entheogenic 11 compound dimethyltryptamine, better known as DMT. In the form of insuffulates 12 or concoctions, plants containing DMT have a long history of use in indigenous shamanic and initiatory settings, especially those where a mystical or visionary experience is desired… and has come to be known appropriately as the spirit molecule.

“…Some scholars have associated this acacia with what is called in Sanskrit ‘Akasha’ or that collective consciousness that transcends any one individual, and which can be perceived during periods of deep trances in meditation [samadhi], or at the hour of our final departure from this physical world. In fact, there is even some evidence that early alchemists attempted to make elixirs from acacia in an effort to get into this deep stateā€¦” (

Book an appointment with Akacia today – new client visits start at only $144.

Akacia Rose Pulaski Associate Practitioner ROWA

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