Ashwagandha – a panacea?

Ashwagandha as a Medicinal Herb

Ashwagandha is considered to be one of the best rejuvenating agents in Ayurveda. The roots and leaves are the useful parts of the plant.8

Ashwagandha root powder is used in the treatment of rheumatic paininflammation of the joints, nervous disorders and epilepsy. Dried roots are used as a tonic for hiccupcoldcoughfemale disorders, as a sedative, in senile debilityulcers and more.

A decoction of the bark is taken for asthma and applied locally to heal bed sores.

A paste of the leaves is applied for carbuncles, inflammation and swellings. It acts as an anti-inflammatory. Leaf juice is useful in conjunctivitis.

Ashwagandha herbal massage oil is useful in many conditions like paralysisepilepsy and sleeplessness. Fine powder of Ashwagandha mixed with oil is useful in skin conditions.

Ashwagandha and its extracts are also used in the preparation of herbal teas, powders, tablets and syrups.

According to Brenda Watson and Leonard Smith, authors of ‘The Fiber35 Diet: Nature’s Weight Loss Secret’, Ashwagandha itself contains no stimulants. It is considered a safe supplement on par with green tea.9

Classical Ayurvedic Preparations: Ashwagandhadi churna, Ashwagandha rasayana, Ashwagandha ghrita, Ashwagandharishta, Ashwagandhadi Leha, Bala-Ashwagandha-Lakshadi Taila.

How To Take Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is an important medicinal plant due to its pharmacodynamic or pharmacotherapeutic properties. It has several beneficial effects but despite its great therapeutic value, Ashwagandha sometimes is difficult to be consumed in its raw form. It has a bitter taste. To overcome this, here are 21 effective formulations prepared with Ashwagandha powder, including snacks, drinks and sweets as well as remedies. These may be more acceptable and palatable to you. READ MORE at The Ayurveda Experience

Healthy Ashwagandha Cookies


As the weather turns cooler, we turn to the panacea that is #ashwagandha for its myriad health benefits. If you have been growing ashwagandha, now is a particularly excellent time to harvest its roots.

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