Ethos Health in NY offers direct access to “living medicines”

Ethos Health  is raising the standard of care for patients in Hudson County, NY. Dr Ron Weiss, MD established a unique wellness center in Long Valley, NJ – located on a 342 acre farm!

“Ethos Health is raising the standard of care with an experienced board-certified physician and botanist collaborating with organic farmers, nutrition educators and plant-based chefs to optimize the health of each individual.

Building on years of evidence-based success, Dr. Weiss established Ethos Health on a magnificent historical preserved farm. Ethos offers individuals direct access to its “living medicines” — the nutrient dense and delicious fruits and vegetables Ethos conscientiously grows to prevent and reverse chronic illness.”

You will come to know that plants are not just food but also powerful medicine, and you will learn natural dietary and lifestyle modifications – including a Whole Food Plant Based (WFPB) diet, that bring your whole system into balance.  Being that your health is inextricably intertwined with that of our planet, all our work supporting you will simultaneously nurture the soil and help revitalize the earth, in a healthy synergistic loop.

Kudos Ethos Health, and Dr Weiss – may you be abundantly blessed!