Reasoning – an important instrument of knowledge

Among the Indian systems of thought, it is Ayurveda that openly recognizes reasoning as an independent and important instrument of knowledge (known as pramana). This naturally marks a point of departure from the primitive mentality of reliance on magic and signifies the dawn of what may be called the “scientific” spirit. The methods of Ayurveda are interesting: observation (pratyaksha) examination (pariksha), inference based on reason (yukti), discussion with colleagues (sambhasha), formulation of hypotheses (pratijna) and diagnosis (nidana). There is a special value assigned to advice from a competent authority (aptopadesha).

While Ayurveda may be classified as “alternative medicine” we recognize it as the original medicine, which ushered in the scientific method – long before lab tests and microscopes.

Reason is the foundation of the knowledge and guides our practice of healthcare – the Roots of Wellness way.

reasoning with the mind