A Gluten Free Diet may be making you sick

A gluten free diet is probably doing more harm than good to your body. Peter Green, the director of Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University, explains the myth surrounding gluten-free diets. Video by Tech Insider.

Yes, AND…

Our first observation? Mr. Green looks unhealthy. Ayurveda identifies the deep creases running alongside his mouth as a sign of chronic malabsorption known as grahani rog (disease of grahani – the GI system) under which category the classic signs and symptoms of celiac disease present.

Wheat has its place in a healthy diet – but not at every meal, every season, year round and NOT in the presence of immune system dysfunction (i.e. The gluten sensitivity spectrum including allergy and celiac sprue). Any Ayurvedic doctor worth his weight acknowledges this.

The aspects of a gluten free diet our founder and Ayurvedic Doctor, Heather Baines, recommends patients become aware of, and avoid, include the fillers and additives used by commercial bakeries to attain the very stickiness accomplished by gluten to hold baked goods together. One of the worst offenders? Xanthan gum. One study indicated that celiac patients, put on a gluten free diet, didn’t recover until Xanthan gum was isolated and removed from their diet.

Heather does NOT recommend throwing out the other grains in favor of more pervasive wheat. Amaranth, quinoa, millet, teff, and other seeds and grains have been staples of human diet in various parts of the world for eons. What matters more than GFD is genetic heritage (another way of looking at prakruti or constitution) when choosing appropriate grains in the diet, food quality (whole foods, organic, clean), preparation method and intention… and adjusting selected foods and preparation seasonally.

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