how do you treat that?

Our dear friend Dr Sanjay Pisharodi shares the wisdom of an Ayurveda practitioner’s response to the common question, “How do you treat that?”

#Ayurveda #Cancer #treatment Many years ago when I was beginning to study Ayurveda, I would sometimes ask my teacher “What is the treatment for Parkinsonism? Or what is the treatment for cancer?” and so on. He would look at me and smile compassionately without saying anything. I was a bit confused. Did I ask a foolish question? I intuitively knew that there was something wrong with what I asked. Years passed.

Today when I am teaching Ayurveda, someone asks me “What is the treatment for parkinsonism? What is the treatment for cancer?” I remember my teacher and with the whatever little I have learned, unknowingly a smile appears inside my mind too. Because I realize my foolish questions now.

The answer is that according to Ayurveda there can be hundreds and thousands of types of parkinsonism or cancer or any other name of the disease in modern medicine. The types can also keep changing with the progress of the disease (eg. one day it may be a vāta type, next day it might become a vāta pitta type and so on). Then how can a teacher answer this question which is seeking for a definitive answer? The answer is to “analyse the guna, dosha, agni, dhatu, srotas etc of the #parkinsonism patient and treat it accordingly”. That is the only answer.