Pharmaceutical Origins: From Folk to Pharma, Plant Based Medicines

“These examples provide stunning reminders that folk medicine, as mythical and unscientific as it may sound to modern researchers sometimes, may be well worth a good look in the lab.”

As Ayurvedic Practitioners, we trust herbal medicine precisely because it has received hundreds, and in many cases thousands, of years of observation (a “good look in the lab”) to validate its use. The use of “folk medicine” has been extensively refined resulting in clearly written explanations¬†and instruction for the use of plants and minerals by Ayurvedic scholars and Vaidyas, who also recognize the fundamental truth that everything is connected in the warp and weft of time-space known as Akasha. We prefer to use whole plants and whole plant extracts for their efficacy, affordability, and ease of access.


Pharmaceutical origins - plant based medicine

Pharmaceutical Origins – For thousands of years, people around the world have treated the sick with whole forms or extracts of flowers, barks, herbs, and beneficial microbes. They were being used long before the scientific method came to fruition, but it is important to remember that among these remedies are ones that gave way to some of today’s most important pharmaceuticals.

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