a woman’s menstrual cycle is a vital sign


Your #menstrual cycle is a #vital sign!

When considered this way, we begin to appreciate our cycle for its role in our overall health, vitality, and power.

Bloodletting is one of the 5 actions of purification in the Ayurvedic detoxification protocols of pancha karma?  Women – we bleed monthly.  A woman’s body naturally detoxifies itself, building new fresh blood, every moon cycle.

Let Ayurveda give you a new lens and new perspective on your health – moving women out of the “curse” and into the blessing of unbelievable health and vitality.


Woman in harmony with the moon and her cycles

Women, consider the health benefits of rebuilding your blood monthly! Let Ayurveda help you come into harmony with your cycle. Book today with your Roots of Wellness Ayurveda practitioner.