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We sip Tulsi tea for its powerful adaptogenic and immune stimulating properties, as well as for its ability to uplift and focus the mind. There are many more benefits to growing Tulsi Occimum Sanctum in the garden and in pots throughout the home or office.

In Ayurveda, Tulsi is known as the “Queen of the Herbs” for its sattvic properties. Prashanti de Jagar, founder of Organic India, instructs that Tulsi can be easily grown indoors or out and reminds us that even the ground beneath Tulsi is sacred.


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Tulsi in the Garden

We sip Tulsi for its healing benefits, but what benefit might we gain by growing Tulsi?


By growing Tulsi, we bring the sattvic (pure, clear, beneficial) qualities of the living plant into our personal space and Tulsi blesses our environment with her uplifting aroma. Wherever the aroma of Tulsi is carried, the Vedas assure us the atmosphere is purified.


Use Tulsi as an ornamental annual near the entrance of your home, school or office to infuse the air with uplifting fragrance, purify the environment and calm the mind.


To grow Tulsi in Colorado, start seeds in pots to bless the indoor spaces of your home or office, or sow in the garden when the soil temperature has warmed.  Tulsi prefers rich, loamy soil, an abundance of water, and strong sunlight. We will be planting Tulsi in the garden in June.

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