the beautiful life





Why Ayurveda?  Because it so beautiful in its totality and completeness.

हिताहितम सुखं     दु:खमायुस्त्स्य हिताहितम |
मानं    च  यत्रोक्त्मायुर्वेद: उच्चयते ||

hitahitam sukham duhkham ayus tasya hitahitam |

manam cha tachcha yatroktam ayurvedah sa ucyate ||

This simple Sanskrit sloka or verse reminds us to remember our true nature, one of perfect harmony and health.

Ayurveda, the science, observation, and direct experience of life, is that which discriminates and recognizes that which is good for us from that which is not helpful, in fact harmful, to our energy, wellbeing, and body/mind/spirit function.  It offers an explanation for what is appropriate to the individual to promote his or her health, and what is inappropriate.

Ayurveda explains in clear terms that our happiness and unhappiness directly impact and affect our health and wellbeing.

Ayurveda offers clear reminders about those practices, foods, and experiences which add longevity to our years – and those which diminish our life force and our life expectancy.

That we may have a long, healthy, and deeply satisfying, joy-filled life.